Northern Coastal Mines consists of discrete operations within mining licences ML44 (Bogenfels), ML45 (Elizabeth Bay) and ML46 (Douglas Bay).

Bogenfels: The Pocket Beaches mine is located 130km south of Luderitz. All mining operations have been completed and the site is on the process of being rehabilitated. Operations were located south of the Bogenfels Arch. Usable infrastructure has been relocated to other mining operations in Oranjemund. Scrap will be removed by SA Metal (Namibia). The earthmoving rehabilitation will commence in due course. The site will be restored to how it was found.

Elizabeth Bay: Elizabeth Bay mine is located 30km south of Lüderitz. The ore body varies, consisting of diamondiferous material occurring in multiple thin units (grit layers and lenses) separated by barren, finer grained sands. This succession has been divided stratigraphically and chronologically into three distinct units, namely: Red Beds, Brown Beds and Grey Beds. In 2009, a large rich deposit became accessible by accretion of the sea, thus exposing the richer gravels previous covered by the sea. Elizabeth Bay Mine is now fully operational with a total staff complement of 250 people inclusive of contractors.

Beach and Marine Contractor Operations: Shallow marine contractors generally utilise mining vessels of less than 25 tonnes. Divers mine gravel from the sea bed at water depths of minus 7 metres to minus 30 metres. The mined gravel is generally screened and bagged while at sea. The screened gravel is then transported to Lüderitz and off-loaded at Contractors Treatment Facility (CTF) where it is further processed. Currently, surf zone contractor mining is in the area between Elizabeth Bay and Lüderitz, between the high water line to a depth of minus 7 metres. Land based contractor mining is currently active in the Pomona area.

Douglas Bay:Currently there are no mining operations in that licence area.