Safety, Health & Environmental & Security

At Namdeb we take pride in the fact that all our operations are OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and ISO 14001 (environmental) accredited. Namdeb people take responsibility for their own safety and that of their environment. We believe in driving a behaviour based safety culture towards zero harm – “not empty words”.

Namdeb’s safety and health agreement allows for communication within the company at various levels. In addition to this we work with regulatory agencies, employee representatives and local communities to promote partnerships on safety issues which enable a supportive and accident-free safety culture. All employees and contractors follow health and safety practices consistent with our health and safety policy. All occupational health and safety risks are managed through ongoing hazard identification and risk assessments, as well as implementation and monitoring of control measures to reduce such risks. Our annual Occupational Health and Safety audit (OHSAS 18001:2007) took place during February 2010 and subsequently we have retained our OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification.

Namdeb continues to render comprehensive and integrated health programmes to its workforce and the Oranjemund community. This is done under the auspices of the Namdeb Private Hospital (including Occupational health and wellness, physiotherapy, casualty, OPD, in-patient, X-ray, pharmacy, laboratory, and administration and private medical practitioners). This synergy ensures that potential clients are able to access appropriate services at multiple sites, thereby reducing the risk of service bias and fear of discrimination.

Namdeb continues to strengthen its efforts to minimise the impact of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic on its workforce. To date a total of 243 employees are on treatment with good treatment outcomes of >80% adherence rates. In an effort to improve efficiency, the HIV/AIDS programme is being integrated into the occupational health services in order to improve catchment. The prevalence of HIV within the community remains below the national average.

Namdeb strives to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for its employees through continually health monitoring and minimising exposures that could lead to ill health. All employees are subjected to pre-employment medical examinations, periodic examinations as well as exit examinations. Employees in specific risk areas undergo targeted annual monitoring such as radiation medicals for all security personnel in Scannex. Drivers undergo annual eye tests as well as diabetic screening. In line with company objectives, a rigorous Hearing Conservation Programme is in place with the objective to have zero cases of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. To date, no single case of noise induced hearing loss has been recorded nor attributed to our mining processes.