The Namdeb Bursary Scheme initially started in 1978 and was formalised during 1979 when six bursars in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Metallurgy, Mining and Human Resources were recruited. Since then the scheme has been a major provider of well-qualified and technically skilled human capital who have taken the company to greater heights.

The Namdeb Bursary Scheme covers full tuition, transport, incidentals, meals and accommodation expenses. In 1996, the company introduced the In-service Bursary Scheme through which current employees can obtain tertiary qualifications, on a fulltime basis, in their work-related fields, without losing their status as permanent employees.

One of the key objectives of the Bursary Scheme is to enable Namibians to acquire the necessary qualifications in order to fill positions within the company. The scheme therefore supplements succession management. A number of ex-Namdeb bursars have, since its inception, progressed through the ranks and have gone on to occupy key technical and leadership positions within Namdeb and the De Beers Group.

The scheme has also contributed immensely to the supply of national managerial expertise in Namibia. A number of ex-bursars are currently occupying senior and executive leadership positions both within Government and the private sector.